the pink&orange elephant of your dreams (alfredoalley) wrote in moviewhores,
the pink&orange elephant of your dreams

i watched 5 movies yesterday.
well, we had movie party type sleepover last night, so that accounted for three of them.
here's my list:
igby goes down - if you haven't seen it, please do. it's great. i think i already posted about it.
death of a salesman - i watched this while i was at work. i had never seen it before, nor had i read it. it's not too bad. i really enjoyed how the set is like a play. it is a little over my head, though...maybe just because i don't necissarily relate to the characters...maybe just because i was at work and distracted.
another day in paradise - i've seen this movie about 7 times. for some reason that i can't quite pinpoint, i like it. i know i love Natasha Gregson Wagner (total hottie, though she'll be 33 soon), and i think it's hilarious that melanie griffith is a junkie. plus, it's set in tulsa. woo-hoo.
spun - okay, i'm sure i wrote about this one. it's a crazy hilarious "don't do drugs" kind of movie. it has a great cast, and the cinematography is just rad beyond belief.
mercy - hahahahahaha. this is a crazy mystery/suspense movie. it's actually really bad but worth watching because of occasional bits of lesbian bondage porn. it's a very skinamax-type movie. a few scenes are very hot, but they always leave you wanting more. oh yeah, peta wilson is in it. yowch! la femme nikkita

we were also supposed to watch what to do in case of fire (a german, anarchist punks 10 years later movie) and godzilla meets bambi (crazy cartoons), but we were too busy chatting to get to it. i think we're supposed to watch them tonight, though. lovely evening.
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