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okay, this is an e-mail i recieved about a movie i used to be obsessed with. the author explains it very well, and i think some of you might find it to be interesting.

I have been wanting to write this and always got side tracked. I would like to mention a movie that may not have made it across the atlantic, and probably never will. But it's a great movie.IT came out approximately 2 years ago, and is called: Baise moi! Which in French means Fuck Me (translators have taken it to mean Rape Me, which is probably closer to what director wanted). It was first released in the movie
theatres and limited to 16 year olds and above. Then to 18 year olds, and then just taken out of the theatres altogether. But it is truly a great movie. It is a glorious subversion of pornogrpahy, and male dominated movies in general. The director is a woman (one of the TWO established porn director's in France, and I think in Europe for that matter). The two main
characters are played by two porn actresses. The film is extremely explicit both in it's violence, and it's sex scenes. THe violence is atrocious. I want to give you some elements which may explain why I liked it so much, and I am truly grateful to the director for having the guts to do it. It meant a lot.
One of the two women is talking with a friend of hers when four guys of the 'hood' put them in a car, take them to hangar and rape them. The friend gets beaten (the scene is heart wrenching because it is as explicit as a porn movie, with the blood and broken teeth on top of it). The 'girl' just takes it, doesn't shout, doesn't move. And that pisses off the a
strange way 'cause she is not reacting. It doesn't get him off. No resistance. No active resistance. The men leave...and the girl tells her bloody friend: a pussy is like a car. It get's broken into. The trick is not leave anything valuable in it. I don't have anything up there I really care about.

And that says a lot. To me it did. In a sad way, but painfully true. As women, there is always going to be break in.
The girl then goes home, and her brother asks her what is wrong. She says what it is, and he takes the usual position: I am going to kill the motherfuckers. To which she answers (and here was my enlightenment number 1): Who the fuck cares about him. It's not about you and him. It's about ME! How do I feel". She has to reclaim rape! She is reclaming a violence committed on her. They get in a fight and she kills her brother.

The other main character, is a prostitute, who in a sudden movement of anger kills a customer...The scene is more complicated than that, but I can't remember all of it. The prostitution though is not a violence itself. Which is honest.
These two women meet (on the run...murder is still illegal...notice the men are not on the run for the rape). And they go on a sex/violence rampage. It seems cliche talking about it, but I was hoping the above description would give you a sense of where it goes. There is NO lesbian vibe between them.
Just an understanding. Which in a certain sense antagonizes the male audience. Because they really are getting nothing from this movie. It's two porn actressses, in a porn movie, with gnus and they GET NOTHING! The two women have a profound understanding of each other. And they kill man after man, always either screwing him, or humiliating him first...There are scenes in a hotel room, where this man is frantically trying to open a condom packet, so happy he gets to do something dirty...and they kick him to death.

Guys did not get, or (in my mind) did not want to undertsand it. They said: "there is nothing in it". But to me, it made a SHITLOAD of sense. That little game of soft rape...which they turn on its head. It's like saying: "you like 'play without pay', let's see how you like it with my boot in your brain".
It's not BDSM. (that's what some people related it to...but it has nothing nothing to do with it. the violence is HARMFUL. It's real violence, and again guys are uncomfortable with that). It puts sex in a political context, and upsets the male fantasy of constant domination.
And journalists constantly fretted over the fact that woman was directing such a violent film. The violence got at them, not the sex. The violence from a woman.

The movie is also far form being cliche because the two characters are not heros, or glorious, or liberators. It's a calm resolve. The feeling that this is the only way to do it. It's like a taking back of sexuality and (ironically) violence...
Even if you don't know French, give a shot at watching it. (they have it for $25 on It was TERRIBLY disturbing, but it MEANS so much.
I hope you don't mind me posting this. I have had a lot of trouble convincing people around me that it was more than just sensationalist. But it's hard when all you are talking to is men. IT scared them. A movie that scared them. It shook sexual foundations for many males.

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