Phillip (knottyozzie) wrote in moviewhores,

there are pretty people and clever people

i rented -me without you- today. i know i said i'd watch it with kim/kristin/nic la di da... but i wanted to see it and i don't have many days left around.. so i don't want to be sitting with friends watching rental movies.

but but but. it was a really good movie. sometimes it was hard to understand with the accents and what not... but i really liked it. some might consider it slow because you realize what the movie is all about, right away...but i was intrigued how well they made a movie 1h and 47m long with the same issue arrising and i was still into it. so yeah.

plus! i love watching these kinds of films because of all the "indie" previews. i always love those sorts of films. it's all about the writing and cinematography rather than the actors. i've seen some ugly/bad actors playing roles that would be played by ben affleck or whatever, if it were a hollywood movie. so it's really a mind opener.

anyway.. i recommend everyone go rent it.. because michelle williams is hotness!
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