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The Written Word Speaks Visually

hmm recently saw sirens err.. on the moon .. requiem for a dream...pi..slums of beverly hills...y tu mama t'ambien...amelie...trans..boys dont cry..quills..breakfast at tiffany's..and ghostworld...and thats just a few..:)
anyone have any suggestions? ..i dont really like action movies..would reallllyy appreciate it. sadly my friends have the crappiest taste in movies...always end up wanting to see something really ..juvenile. and i resort to watching some obscure movies on my own -sigh- am so lonely. im from nyc and i was thinking of going to the paris theatre to watch that new movie 'jetlag'; anyone have any thoughts? would love to hear from someone ;o)

le beaucoup d'amour,

did anyone see he loves me, he loves me not? i never did, and i dont know if its out of dvd or vhs. please tell [-_-]
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